Mohamad Amani, Arezoo Safaviyan, Sub-Basins Prioritization Using Morphometric Analysis-Remote Sensing Technique and GIS-Golestan-Iran, Volume 38, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 38)
    Sub-basins prioritization is one of the most important resolutions of development sustainability and natural resources comprehended management. In this study, 11 sub-basins of Lohender in east Golstan province about 272/63cm Prioritized using computation and morphometric analysis and using GIS and RS techniques. Erosion mode in each sub-basin specified through Sediment Yield Index approximation. In morphometric analysis, parameters like canal length, bifurcation ratio, discharge density, sub-basins shape coefficient, round coefficient, stretch coefficient and compressive coefficients were computed thus these parameters divided to two classifications: linear coefficients and figurative coefficient. In order to study annual sediment index, from fields applied maps, land coverage, slope, soil type and topographic map scale 1:50000 were used. Finally, each sub-basin Priority determined due to Sediment Yield Index (SYI) and total average of morphometric parameters. According to morphometric parameters, the BS sub-basin and according to SYI parameter, A5 sub-basin showed more critical mode and combination of both showed that B2 sub-basin showed the worst situation.
    Erodibility, Lohender Basin, Morphometric, Prioritization, SYI