Nirmal Kumar Betchoo, The Need for Effective Leadership in Talent Management in Mauritius, ILSHS Volume 27, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 27)
    The importance of linking leadership to talent management is a priority for the Mauritian economy at a time when the economy shifts from the industrial and labour-intensive sector to a services and knowledge-based economy. There is a necessity to link leadership to talent management where local managers are in need of improving their leadership abilities and develop the talent that their organisations may in turn depend upon. It is not merely learning or getting trained in leadership that matters but, more importantly, the need to generate talent from effective leadership strategies. This research article firstly explains the importance of leadership linked with talent. The text then focuses on innovative practices that selected Mauritian companies have undertaken and where talent leadership matters. From this standpoint, the researcher selects effective leadership strategies that might be much needed based from practices that are successful abroad and have positively impacted on the international context. The research emphasises new coaching methodologies linked with the development of leadership talent. Techniques like „coaching outside in coaching inside out‟, „onboarding‟, „pivotal leadership‟, „reinforcement coaching‟, are just new approaches that differ from traditional orientation and that are also much relevant in developing leadership talent in the current and future economic conjecture of Mauritius. They have to be adapted to the Mauritian context. Though the research is not exhaustive and is more focused on qualitative than quantitative interpretation, it sheds light onto the fast-developing concept of talent management in business organisations and the need to link leadership in a more conclusive manner.
    Leadership, Leadership Strategies, Mauritius, Talent Management