Dan Ionescu, Heuristic Valences of Professional Newspapers, ILSHS Volume 26, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 26)
    Heuristic valences of professional newspapers, on the Moravian organization and activity of the institutions that they founded, preserves information taken from News initiating activity, what means guard or pre-military training for youth, school cooperatives about (importance, their purpose and practical means of achievement) and about the country teacher attributions. This study is dedicated to examples highlighting the vigor of newspapers storage, primarily thanks to discipline and editors vocation and secondly, public attentive to everything concerning him (Borowski, 2013; Frunz─â, 2014). The best getaway ever, those hit by complaints in the area where they were working, featured it the newspapers. Here came and told their inconvenience and had ambitions that the situation will resolve, if not even improve.
    Heuristic Valences, Information, Journalism, Newspaper