Olanrewaju Abdul Shitta-Bey, In Defense of the Internalists’ Conception of Africa’s Under-Development, Volume 26, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 26)
    Many people have contributed to the debate on the causes of, and solutions to, Africa‟s underdevelopment. The various contributors to the debate have been so divided into intellectual camps of the externalists and the internalists. The externalists‟ camp comprises of those that argue for Africa‟s underdevelopment by tracing the causes and solutions to external factors; on the other hand, the internalists camp is the umbrella body of those that link Africa‟s problem to internal factors. In this paper, we argue that the problem of Africa‟s underdevelopment is traceable more to the internal factors, than the external factors. Consequently, this work seeks to exhume evidences from the pre-colonial and contemporary Africa to support and illustrate our claim.
    Africa, Causes, Externalists, Internalists, Underdevelopment