Janusz Grabara, Petre Bosun, Consideration on Online Education in Romania, ILSHS Volume 25, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 25)
    Using the online learning platform provides a dynamic training program at substantially reduced costs compared with the conventional systems. They ensure the development of a scalable products, secure online access to thousands of students even for distance learning, offering them the books available online, multimedia support, etc.. Outside the curriculum it was developed a flexible verification and scoring system, uploading projects, maintaining a permanent online contact between students on the one side and between students and lecturers on the other side. In the online lessons there may be audio or video links between students and lecturer, when the session administrator believes that certain aspects need to be developed in this way. Ensuring for a convenient program of resources access may allow students to structure better the learning period.
    CMS System, Global Governance, Globalization, LMS System, Online Education