Hakeem A. Akitoye, Islam and Traditional Titles in Contemporary Lagos Society: A Historical Analysis, ILSHS Volume 25, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 25)
    Lagos, an area basically inhabited by the Yoruba speaking people of South Western Nigeria and by extension some other parts of West Africa where Islam, Christianity and the African Traditional Religion are still being practised side by side till date with the Africans still being converted to the new faiths without dropping their traditional religion or cultural affiliations. This ideology is very common to the average African who still believes in his culture which has always tainted his way of life or as far as his religion is concerned should not interfere with his culture as the religion as not tacitly condemned some of these practices. This paper intends to examine the extent to which the Yoruba Muslims have been involved in syncretism especially as regards the introduction of the conferment of titles into the Muslim community.
    African Traditional Religion, Christianity, Islam, Lagos, Yoruba Muslims