Andrzej Borowski, Social Interactions in the Public Space in the Context of Public Confidence, ILSHS Volume 25, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 25)
    Without confidence, without conviction that another person can be trusted, it is not possible to function well, neither in places associated with private life nor public ones. In this study, special attention has been given to the issues of public confidence as a context of social interactions taking place in public places. Confidence is also indispensable in the sphere of activities in public places and local communities, as well as with different types of interactions. But confidence increases also a co-operation and the latter affects an increase in the level of confidence. Adherence to cultural rules, as far as the question of confidence is concerned, on the basis of inertia is of dysfunctional nature in the aspect of society as a whole. Definitely greater confidence is generated by the society being fully democratic, with the established traditions in this regard.
    Post-Communist Countries, Public Confidence, Public Space, Social Change, Social Interaction