Hussein Firoozi, Fardin Mostafaye, Payam Ardashiri, The Strategic Role of the Mass Media in Strengthening the Discourse of Moderation and Rationality, ILSHS Volume 25, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 25)
    This research is concerned with the role of the mass media in expanding the discourse of moderation. Mass media, as information highways, effective communication bridge on public thinking and civil society watchdog, contribute significantly to the process of informing and raising awareness to the people, strengthening cultural-thinking basics of the society and expanding the discourse of moderation. Mass media are the main leverages for education, campaigns, culture building, and constitution of public understanding. They are also, components for making civility. This research is descriptive-analytical and the analysis of research basics and theories indicate that mass media could by adopting different communication policies, play a strategic role in enhancing and expanding the discourse of rationality and moderation.
    Cyber Democracy, Discourse, Mass Media, Moderation, Public Area