Sana Javanmardi, Saeed Binaaye Motlaq, Two New Interpretation of Plato's Protagoras, ILSHS Volume 24, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 24)
    As we know, one of the most important ideas of Protagoras is Epistemic Relativism that this theory is attributed to him during the history of philosophy, without any dispute; But in the new era commentators such as Dr. Qavam Safari and Cornford by further and more precise reading the conversations between Protagoras and Theaetetus have concluded to this belief that Plato has interpreted the Protagoras’ rule of “Humanism“, by assimilating it with a course which he calls it “secret” and also the theory of Theaetetus “knowledge = perceiving”, in a way that it leads to perfect and very sophisticated relativism; and then in an ahistorical effort, Plato has imposed this relativism to the Protagoras’ mind. Whether this claim is proved or remained only as a claim, it should be discussed; so we have attempted to address this important issue in the present article.
    Humanism, Plato, Protagoras, Relativism, Sophist