Cerasela Vintilescu, Under Mountain Oltenia in the Tourism Globalization Context, ILSHS Volume 24, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 24)
    The study starts from hypothesis that the tourism is an economic sector with endless resources, its globalization assuming valorizing and optimal use of these resources. It argues that in the context of the globalization of tourism, Sub-carpathian Oltenia offers great touristic potential varied as structure, consisting of natural and anthropogenic factors recognized scientifically, quantitatively and qualitatively and proven by practice. The region offers complex tourism resources whose valorization, amid technical and tourist facilities, in the context of protecting the quality of the geographical environment, can cause a tourism activity that would allow enrollment in the top of the tourist circuit. The globalization of tourism would contribute to economic growth of the area, to improve the living conditions and the attenuation of imbalances concerning development.
    Economic Growth, Tourism, Tourism Globalization Context