Ayoob Moradi, Mahmoud Kamali, Sara Chalak, Hooshang Izedi, The Meanings of Letter "V" in the Poems of Sa'adi, ILSHS Volume 24, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 24)
    Letters is one of the basic topics of Persian Grammar and divided to three general groups: Preposition, Conjunction, and Sign. Most important and valuable letter in the grammar is "V" ("and" in English). We find better the importance of this letter when we study its grammar roles. In the first part of this research, we mention the meanings of the letter V that the Grammar researchers have written before, by the poetic example from Sa'adi. In the Second part, we introduce and mention some new and exquisite meanings that nobody has mentioned before. Consequence is that letter V in Sa'adis poems has 32 different and separate meanings. We introduce all those meanings in this research in details.
    Conjunction, Letter V, Persian Grammar, Preposition, Sa'adi