Nahid Hemati, Saeed Nazari, Lullaby in Kallhor’s Culture, ILSHS Volume 21, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 21)
    One kind of folkollar literature, which has been played a major role in socializing children, is called as lullaby. Lullabies are public culture elements that have cultural specific meanings and symbols. As matter of fact we can say that their goals and feelings of the family will convey through lullaby to the baby. This paper attempt to reviews children literature and lullabying in the *Kalhor culture. And also we survey the themes such as Emphasis on the role of mothers in child care, woman need to have a baby, devotion of Motherhood and All hope role of mother to child.
    Children LiteraturÄ™, Kallhor, Local Songs, Lullaby