Morteza Ziaee, Research on the Internet and Check the Status of E-Banking in Iran, ILSHS Volume 21, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 21)
    E-banking is a special type of banking service to their customers to provide an electronic environment such as the Internet uses. This type of banking operations, including all of the bank receipt or deposit money, signature verification, inventory and other significant banking operations are conducted electronically. Internet Banking is a special kind of e-banking uses the Internet as a distribution channel. Two Popular models include electronic Reserve banks and branches electronics. Present age is communication and information technology age. One of the most important phenomena of this age is Revolutionizing of traditional banking. Development of electronic communication and access of large numbers of people to the Internet, has provided the conditions for establishing trade and economic exchanges. This subject led to increase of competition in the banking industry and creation of electronic banking services. With increasing demands for such services, something that should be considered is the barriers of electronic banking. In our research, we decided to check the status of e-banking in Iran. For this we have selected a number of banks. Questionnaire design and distribution between bank employees and its results interpreted.
    E-banking, Internet, Internet Banking, Traditional Banking