Ştefan Vlăduţescu, Uncertainty Communication Status: Theory or Science, ILSHS Volume 21, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 21)
    In this study, we argue in favor of the thesis that communication as an academic discipline faces many uncertainties. One of these is the uncertainty regarding the status. Some talk about Communication theory, others about the Communication Science, about Communicology, "Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication" (SIC), Communication studies etc. Nuclear question about the status of the communication is: the study of communication is a theory or a science, is a weak cogitative system or a strong cogitative system We distinguish five causes that determined communication study to remain to this day a weak cogitative system: the effervescence of the theoretical-scientific and practical researches in a knowledge area full of promises; heavy coagulation of a cogitational communication community; refusal of the rule; articulation of communicational thinking as “weak thinking” - “weak thought” G. Vattimo); and the delay in the development of the communication ontology. Discipline that studies communication is a weak-cogitative thinking system, a sum of theories but not yet a science. As a set of weak theories, the study of communication is becoming science. In any case, discipline that studies communication is on the way to become a science.
    Communication Ontology, Uncertainty of Communication, Weak Cogitative System