Mihaela Gabriela Păun, A Diachronic View upon the Bals Media, Volume 21, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 21)
    The study constitutes an application on the journalism field. Analyzing media outlets media operators that existed in the Bals city resulted: a) the existence of an intense journalistic activity in the city Bals starting with the year 1900; b) journalistic activity survived in time and continues to exist up to present. Research concludes that the written media from the city Bals begins to be noticed around the year 1900, it culminates in the inter-war period, through the academician Petre Pandrea who was born here and it had an intense journalistic activity; it is almost inexistent in the communist period and in present, still resist the time through the scholar publications and the people involved in the written media. An important figure of actual written media is Andrei Lupu.
    Journalism, Journalistic Activity, Local Newspapers, Media from Bals