S. Umar, B.F. Umar, Coping Strategies among Farmers and Herders during Post Conflict Situation in the Kaindji Dam Area of Yauri Emirate, Kebbi State, Nigeria, ILSHS Volume 19, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 19)
    This study examines the coping strategies among farmers and herders during post-conflict situation in Kainji dam area of Yauri Emirate, Kebbi State Nigeria. The study was conducted in the 3 Local Government Areas of the Emirate. Purposive sampling was used to select twelve villages in the LGAs (4 villages/ LGA). 16 respondents were randomly selected for data collection, to obtain a total of 192 respondents. The result of the study reveals that the average uses of problem-oriented coping strategies score among farmers were 51.8 %, Herders 50.5 %. The use of emotion-oriented coping strategies score among farmers and herders were 38.4 %, 59.7 %, respectively and the average use of social support coping strategies among farmers and herders were 30.0 %, 28.5 % respectively. The study recommends that Government and other donor organizations should assist the conflict actors with relief materials during conflict situation, so that they can cope with the stress and resume normal production activity.
    Conflict, Farmers, Herders, Kainji Dam