David Ifeanyi Okoli, Emmanuel Ifeanyi Okoli, Youth Empowerment through Entrepreneurial Development in Nigeria, ILSHS Volume 19, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 19)
    Entrepreneurial development is a field that saddles its recipients with skills on how to be employable and useful to themselves and the society at large. In this paper, the emphasis is on youth empowerment which is orchestrated by the prevailing unemployment of our youths after higher education, yet each year all the higher institutions in the country keep on churning out graduates in thousands into the labour market for jobs that are non-existent. Hence the need for entrepreneurial development as a way of equipping them with the necessary skills that will enable them start up something on their own. The paper amongst others looked at the objectives of entrepreneurship development, support organizations for entrepreneurship in Nigeria, tips for entrepreneurship development, implications for entrepreneurship development on youth empowerment. More so, certain recommendations were made.
    Entrepreneurial Development, Higher Education, Unemployment