Comfort Isuwa Jurmang, Social Studies for Awareness of Toilet Facilities in Job to Achieve Environmental Sanitation, Volume 19, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 19)
    Social studies is a field of study concern with the study of people, places and environments. Ten children were randomly selected from five public primary schools in Jos to identify where people defecate through observations and interview. 100 % of the respondents did not know what water closet and lavatory are. Water closet is locally referred to as water system toilet. 100 % of them know toilet room, urinal, bathroom and pit latrines. Public institutions like Banks, Motor Parks, Fuel station and Public primary schools have different levels of provisions of toilets. Institutions that all have toilet facilities for the public are banks, and fuel stations. They observed that the toilets in banks are more kept neat than those at the fuel stations. The motor parks are worse in having toilet facilities. Only 20 % (1) of the motor parks inspected have toilet facilities. The remaining 80 % (4) did not have any toilet facilities. The 20 % (1) motor parks that has toilet, is privately run so that users pay N10 for using the toilet. 20 % (1) of the public schools have usable toilets. 80 % (4) schools include those without toilets completely and those with but never usable at all.
    Banks, Environment, Fuel Station, Motor Parks, Public Institutions, Public Primary Schools, Social Studies