Sanusi L. Sa’adatu, Relationship between Demographic Factors and the Performance of Teacher Education, ILSHS Volume 19, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 19)
    The study investigates the relationship between demographic factors on the performance of teacher educators in the FCT. Samples were drawn from teacher educators in the FCT, and a population of 111 staff were used. Data collected were statistically analyzed using single percentages and T-test. Result of the study revealed that over all mean rating on performance of teacher educator toward theirs job is low as indicated by the total grand score of 2.906. Significant differences shows an increase in performance on the basis of age group (46-55 years). Working experience (6 years and above) and educational qualification, indicates that staff with Masters/Phd are more active in carrying out their jobs with a mean of 3.039. It was recommended among others that the government should make efforts to listen to teachers need for training as well as adequate provision for physical infrastructures that will facilitate motivation thereby increasing performance.
    Demographic Factors, Nigeria, School, Teacher Educators