S.A. Kazeem, K.Y. Balogun, Problems Facing Islamic Education: Evidence from Nigeria, ILSHS Volume 19, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 19)
    This study examines problems facing Islamic education in Nigeria. Primary and Secondary methods of data collection are used. Survey research design is adopted in this study. Self-structure questionnaire is raised and used to acquire information from the respondents relevant for testing hypothesis of the study. Chi – square (x<sup>2</sup>) technique was adopted for data analysis and hypothesis testing which revealed the findings of the study that Islamic education has been confronting with the challenges of acceptability, resources and enlightenment among nominal Muslims and Christians. Islamic education has not promotes Islamization of knowledge aims at reshaping all the branches of human knowledge; humanities, pure and applied sciences in accordance with the Islamic view and reality. The study recommended that there should be vigorous enlightenment campaign showing the merits of this exercise and fruits of its success. Systematic campaign and enlightenment programme should be given priority attention otherwise the idea would be misconstrued and negatively presented to members of the public.
    Allah, Islam, Islamic Education, Islamization of Knowledge, Nominal Muslim