Muhammad Abdullahi, Rilwan Nakazalle Usman, Management of Public Enterprises through Public Private Partnership in Nigeria, ILSHS Volume 19, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 19)
    Collaboration with corporations, small businesses, non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations to provide socially beneficial goods and services. Public enterprises and the private sector cooperate in providing services and infrastructure through a variety of mechanisms. The level of performance and development of public enterprise in the country are very low due to corruption, management inefficiencies, overstaffing and inflation. This paper therefore in tend to highlight the different mechanisms of public private partnership (PPPs) in the management of public enterprise including concessions, build-operate- and- transfer (BOTs) arrangement, joint ventures and informal and voluntary cooperation as applied in some Latin American and Asian countries. The paper recommends that the government should clearly identify goals and objectives of public private partnerships and embody them in an official set of laws, develop strategy for management plan for public private partnerships and create employment protection measures for current government employees in organization that will go in to public private partnerships.
    Management, Public Enterprises (PEs), Public Private Partnership