Aliyu Musa, Effective and Productive Use of Information Technologies in the Library Sector: Towards a Transformative Approach to Sustainable Development, ILSHS Volume 19, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 19)
    Although there is an increasing use of emerging technologies in the Library sector in higher education internationally and in Nigeria in particular, there is little evidence that it is used in transforming teaching and learning practice. Teaching and learning would have been more user friendly, with multiple positive recompense and positive feedback mechanism if emerging technologies are adequately put to use. Thus, the gap between technologies supported and used for teaching and the technologies used by students for learning has created pressure for educators and policy makers to come out with an up-to –date transformative approach towards effective and productive use of emerging technologies with a view to transform the education sector and encourage the use of emerging technologies in the library division. This paper seeks to highlight the available technologies in the sector and how to positively explore them. ICT and other sectors of the economy will also not be left out. It will also proffer a transformative approach on how such technologies can be utilized to the maximum for the benefit of teaching and learning and policy makers in particular, and the country‘s other sectors at large. The paper draws its data from Secondary source only.
    Education, Information Technology, Library, Transforming Teaching