Mamudu Friday, Mustapha Ismail, Communication and Connectivity as Veritable Tools for Information Sharing in Nigeria, ILSHS Volume 19, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 19)
    This paper discusses the contributions of communication technologies to modern civilization and globalization and the role of connectivity as facilitator to efficient global information sharing today. The background study of networks, satellites, statement of the problem and the objectives of the paper were looked into. A brief historical development of Nigeria communications and their beneficial applications today were presented. Presentation was made on why internet communications in Nigeria is dominated by wireless/satellite link. It was adduced that the absence of information technology infrastructure, particularly the complete absence of fiber optics backbone and weak telecommunication base were responsible for the predominant wireless internet application in Nigeria. The paper concludes that a good information technology infrastructure base such as the construction of domestic optics backbone as ongoing by some of the GSM operators such as GlobaCom and MTN, launching of domestic communication satellite such as Nigcomsat1R in December, 2012; and the interlinking of our communication will enhance information sharing and as well reduce the cost of internet applications and motivate a larger population to participate in our new information society.
    Communication, Connectivity, Infrastructure, Interlinking, Satellite, Wireless