Hamid Maleki, A Comparison of the Coping Strategies Method with Stress among State and Non State High Schools Students of the Karaj City, ILSHS Volume 18, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 18)
    The present research deals with comparing coping strategies method with stress among state and non state high school students of the city of Karaj. This research h which is descriptive and comparative includes 100 state and non state high school students of Karaj, who were as research samples chosen through the simple random sampling method. This research tool, was the questionnaire of coping strategies with stress among the adolescents (Freudenberg & Lewis, 1993). Findings obtained suggest that there is a significant difference between state and non state high school students. Non state students scored higher in coping strategies who were categorized with respect to coping strategies grouping in the efficient group (concentration on solving problem, diligence and achievement, concentration on positive aspects) are salient characteristics of this group of people.
    Coping Strategies to Deal with Stress, Non Profit Schools, State Schools, Stress