Ştefan Vlăduţescu, Communication Failure as Communication Power, ILSHS Volume 18, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 18)
    After all communication remains a bitter idea that one could communicate properly, and better, and more efficient, and lower overall costs. The idea that persists after any communication is that the communication was imperfect. Being imperfect, any communication is also a failure. The power of communication is the communication failure. The failure is to not express your-self perfect, or speak more or less than you should, or could not say everything, or being misunderstood. In essence, the failure and the primary means of communication to improve the communication would be expression, speech, discourse. Discourse can be verbal or non-verbal. In linguistic communication works the principle of general expression, the principle of strong effability (J. J. Katz). The range of expression through language we record influence of idea of ineffable: it is thought, content, feeling, feelings, expressiveness that cannot be expressed. Ineffable principle seems to be secondary. In fact, the natural state of the world is ineffability. Effability and Ineffability of communication are complementary principles. The power of communication is in communication failure. Perfection communication cancel communication, perfection does not allow self-reproduction of communication and therefore stimulate its implosion. Deficient communication process development support communication; communication failure is the communication power. Communication failure is a relatively late theoretical discovery of communication discipline. It follows that in a subsequent paper to investigate ”the principle of communication failure” that emerges from the research of several renowned experts in General Science Communication (C. R. Berger -1997; J. D. Peters; Noemi Marin - 2007).
    Communication Failure, Communication Power, Principle of Effability, Principle of Expressibility, Principle of Ineffability