Mihaela Gabriela Păun, Commitment of Journalistic Discourse in Construction of National Identity, ILSHS Volume 17, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 17)
    The study is a focused application on the imagology field. The thesis in whose direction it is argumented is the following: a) the concept of identity retrieved in psychology, sociology, philosophy; b) the vision of the Romanians about themselves sequential exposed in the pages of the magazine „Dilema Veche” (“Old Dilemma”) in the period September-October 2006. Recently appeared on the scientific scene, the concept of identity is an essential component of the social contemporary existence. Romanian masters discover with sadness that in 2006 elements of cultural and identity, tradition are still imported and that‟s why, badly understanding democracy and liberty, Romanians allow themselves anything: gregarious spirit, colloquial talking, violence, brutish, arbitrariness. According to N. Berdiaev the concept of liberty implies respects the other‟s liberty, namely: we are free as long as personal liberty doesn‟t defy the other‟s right to liberty. The chaos and haste are the two constants that control the Romanians amplifying stress, abridging them the deepness of things. It is to be remarked also the superficiality and indifferent attitude towards the people and rejecting the values to the new generation which, although wanting to be free, still remains stuck into libertinism.
    Concept of Identity, Imagology, National Identity, Romanian Journalism