Uche Emma Nwachukwu, The State of Science and Technology Infrastructure in Secondary Schools in Nigeria, ILSHS Volume 16, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 16)
    Science and technology (S&T) education is crucial to the achievement of socio-economic development of any society and also a critical element in the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Standard laboratories and equipments as well as reagents are S&T infrastructures essential for providing qualitative education for producing national technological manpower. This study evaluates the condition of S&T infrastructures in the Nigerian secondary schools. The study utilises primary data collected from public and private secondary schools across the six geo-political zones in the country. Findings show that there are inadequate teachers, laboratories and necessary equipment for teaching S&T related subjects in most of the secondary schools in Nigeria. Also, electricity supply from the national grid to secondary schools is poor because only 30% of them have light at most 4hours a day. The study therefore recommends the provision of adequate funds and electricity generators for these institutions to enhance the teaching and overall development of S&T education in Nigeria. In addition, adequate and qualified personnel (teachers and laboratory technicians) should be provided while good maintenance culture and improved security of laboratories and equipment in secondary schools should be imbibed by all secondary schools in the country.
    Infrastructure, Nigeria, Science, Technology