Abraham E. Eviwiekpaefe, Fiyinfoluwa Ajakaiye, The Trend and Challenges of Cloud Computing: A Literature Review, ILSHS Volume 16, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 16)
    One of the most significant innovation in the Information Technology (IT) industry after the introduction of the personal computer and the internet is Cloud computing. The shift to cloud is a landmark in the IT industry and has raised keen interest both from the industrial community and academia. It is a new virtualization model for the quick provisioning of shared resources, software, applications and services over the internet to fulfill the elastic demand of the customer with minimum effort or interaction with the service provider. Thus cloud computing has become an interesting and increasingly essential trend. This paper presents a detailed review of Cloud Computing. It includes a discussion of the main service model of cloud computing, the general deployment models, the characteristics of Cloud computing and terminologies adopted in cloud computing. The paper also presents the trend of cloud computing and its challenges.
    Challenges, Cloud Computing, Customer, Trend, Web