Grema Maina Bukar, Yohanna A. Timothy, Impact of Polytechnic Education on Enterprenuership Development in Nigeria, ILSHS Volume 15, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 15)
    The consequential failures of breakeven in respect to business expectations in Northern Nigeria drive around the competent knowledge acquired by entrepreneurs. This knowledge can be translated into identifiable opportunities with lucrative business openings. As such impacting knowledge on Entrepreneurship Education to yield employment opportunities through the entrepreneurship development was the bases of this Research work. Survey Method was designed and used with Multistage sampling procedure. The responses were categorized into four Stages. (9) local governments were randomly selected from three (3) senatorial zones in Stage One. In the second stage, fifty (50) Ramat Polytechnics graduates engaged in Entrepreneurship businesses in the areas of Technical, Vocational, Businesses etc. courses were purposively selected from 27 local governments of the state. Descriptive statistic and five point likert scale were used to analyze the data. The result shows that; there were several types of entrepreneurs that are products of Polytechnic Education fastened in economic growth with employment opportunities created through the entrepreneurship development through expanding of businesses and poverty reduction. It was recommended that Entrepreneurship development should become part and parcel of tertiary Institutions’ curriculum so that youngsters will acquire the necessary skills from the onset.
    Development, Entrepreneurial, Impact, Polytechnic