Onyike Maggaret Odu, Management of Students Crisis in Higher Institutions of Learning in Nigeria, Volume 15, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 15)
    This study was intended to investigate factors that characterized campus crisis and suggests way forward with the aim of maintaining crisis free institutions. Two null hypotheses were formulated and tested for the study. The results of this study suggest that: two reasons could be responsible for not meeting the demands of the students. First is the high population of students to match the available facilities, students’ demands and the attitudes of some authorities who refuse to listen to students’ request. Secondly, lack of essential facilities in campuses cause students’ crisis in higher institutions of learning in Nigeria. Based on the findings, cultism, communication gap between authorities and students’ representatives, hyper-patriotic youthful exuberance in deviating from behavioural norms of the society and students’ home background are major causes of students’ crisis in higher institutions in Nigeria.
    Campus, Higher Institutions, Nigeria, Student