Sule Maina, The Role of Entrepreneurship Education on Job Creation among Youths in Nigeria, ILSHS Volume 15, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 15)
    The progress of a nation is a function of the level of the resourcefulness of the people which to a great extent, relates to the level of quality of the training and purposeful development of education in that nation. Such progress or development could only occur when an individual in the society is gainfully employed and per capital income is enhanced. This could only be possible when government educational policies are geared towards a functional education that can lead to job creation and also self reliance. Entrepreneurship education is a means through which government could attain such development in the society. Therefore, this paper examines how the role of entrepreneurship education and how it could help in job creation in Nigeria. The challenges of quality entrepreneurship education were also discussed. Finally, the paper advanced some suggestions on how to overcome the challenges so as to reduce unemployment and enhances job creation in Nigeria.
    Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Education, Job Creation, Nigeria, Youths