Pawa Tersoo, Agribusiness as a Veritable Tool for Rural Development in Nigeria, ILSHS Volume 14, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 14)
    This paper examines the role of agribusiness in all its tri-aggregates to the socio-economic development of the rural sector in Nigeria. It acknowledges the importance of agriculture as it employs a majority of the rural population in a predominantly agrarian society like Nigeria. It draws majorly from documentary evidence on agribusiness and agro-industrial linkage and reveals that, the farm, off farm and processing components of agribusiness are capable of generating jobs, provision of income, poverty reduction and infrastructural growth. The paper however identifies poor policy articulations, shortage of working capital, poor infrastructure lack of ideology etc. as major obstacles to effective agribusiness. The paper recommends a robust political will, a sound ideological frame, adequate funds among other measures to develop a strong interface between agricultural policies and politics in achieving a sustainable agribusiness as a veritable tool for rural development in Nigeria.
    Agribusiness, Agriculture, Agro-Industry, Rural Development