Sele Sylvester Ebisine, Academic Quality Assurance in the Colleges of Education: Challenges and Ways Forward for Future Development, ILSHS Volume 13, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 13)
    Colleges of education encompassed the production of professional teachers who are equipped with skills and methodologies of teaching in our primary and junior secondary levels of education in Nigeria. Essentially, colleges of education are to provide full-time courses in teaching, instruction and training and to conduct courses in education for qualified teachers. In order to achieve this objective, academic quality assurance is required. Against this background, the paper examines academic quality assurance and determines the general opinion on academic quality assurance in the colleges of education. It equally highlights some challenges to academic quality assurance in the colleges of education. Finally, the paper proffered some solution required by the colleges of education to stamp out the challenges for future development. Finally, the paper recommends that there should be regular monitoring and evaluation of all the units concern with the certification of colleges of education graduates.
    Academics, Challenges, Colleges of Education, Developmen, Quality Assurance