Goran Rajović, Jelisavka Bulatović, Some Aspects of Geographic Views on Motivational Factor the Tourist Movements: The Case Northeastern Montenegro, ILSHS Volume 12, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 12)
    The paper presents some aspects of geographical view of the motivational factor tourist movements in northeastern Montenegro on example, the municipality Berane, Andrejevica and Plav. Bjelasica, high mountain range Komova, spatial zone Berane and Mountain system Prokletija providing opportunities for development of various types of mountain tourism, such as the sports and recreation, health, summer pasture, hiking, hunting, fishing ... As another important group of attractive values of, appear attractive and social factors, which allow the counted among the following elements: cultural and historical monuments, cultural institutions, various cultural events ... Significant cultural and historical heritage of this part of north-eastern Montenegro, not yet adequately valorized. In order to achieve desired economic growth, change, renewal and improvement of the overall economy, it is understood and tourism, it is appropriate and adequate conception of development strategies. Assessment of the state of tourism is a prerequisite for defining the development goals, which fit into the overall vision of progress and active involvement in the immediate environment and the wider European mainstream.
    Mountains, Northeastern Montenegro, Socially of Attractive Values, Tourist Motifs