Andrzej Borowski, Cooperative and National Agricultural Farm as Total Institutions, ILSHS Volume 11, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 11)
    Functioning and noticing cooperative and national agricultural farm as total institutions is connected with comprehending the collectivization, understood as converting individual agricultural farm into farming cooperatives (v. RSP, the collective farm), of craftsman's workshops into production cooperatives, and the like and of large manors into agricultural farm stewarded by the state. In frames of all institutional forms of cooperative and national planting the earth some stamps of total- institutions became discernible the concentration of functioning on the homogeneous area relatively isolated in terms of physics or culturally from the social environment, the division into subordinates and the staff, functioning of second living in the institution in such conditions are an Effect of functioning of people dominating of a welfare state mentality and the lack of the initiative in search for employing outside the domicile.
    Collective Farm, Collectivization, National Agricultural Farm, Total Institution