Hussein Meihami, Bahram Meihami, Zeinab Varmaghani, The Effect of Computer-Assisted Language Learning on Iranian EFL Students Listening Comprehension, Volume 11, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 11)
    Listening has often played second fiddle to its counterpart, speaking (Brown, 2007). Because of the complexity involved in both teaching listening and assessing it, listening skill hasn’t been overlooked in comparison with other skills, speaking, reading, and writing. This problem has been multiplied when somebody looks at listening skill in EFL contexts. This research describes a study exploring the effect of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) on listening skill of Iranian EFL learners. A total of 74 Iranian Advanced students of English all male and with the age range of 20 to 22 participated in this study. They were divided into one experimental group (N = 37) and one control group (N = 37). While in the experimental group CALL was the dominate instrument in teaching listening skill, in the control group there was no use of CALL material. The findings of this study reveal that CALL materials have significant effect on improving Iranian Advanced EFL learners listening.
    EFL Students Listening, English Listening