Paulina Cerdán, Post-Development and BuenVivir: An Approach to Development from Latin-America, ILSHS Volume 10, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 10)
    This paper intends to contribute to the academic and popular discussions on the concept and practices of development and how it is linked to peace studies. Basing on the subaltern critiques of the concept of development and the Latin-American indigenous understanding of well-being – BuenVivir, the paper explores indigenous ways of seeking and achieving peace. It underscores the need to transcend the orthodox understandings and practices of development. In this paper, I intend to prompt a critical investigative conversation and evaluation on development which focuses on exploring the possibilities that these alternatives present in the transition from the current world order to a more human, sustainable and intercultural one. The article therefore, presents the prospects and relevance of cultural diversity towards peace and development across communities.
    <i>BuenVivir</i>, Culture, Development, Peace Studies, Post Development