Sylvester Tabe Arrey, Assessing China’s Soft Power Diplomacy in Africa in the Context of Postmodern Thinking, Volume 10, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 10)
    Africa is progressively becoming an appealing continent to many of the supreme economies of the world. It is now evident that most of the world‟s super powers such as the US, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, China and others have resolutely taken interest in the economic, political, health and social affairs of the continent. The continent‟s value in terms of resources and potentials has been highlighted as the major motivation behind this drive. This paper evaluates China‟s motives and activities on the continent of Africa and how this is likely to affect the world‟s economies. The article focuses on the approach China is using in Africa and how this approach can be viewed using postmodernism. It intends to stir the reasoning of the reader to venture into new trends of critical thinking and therefore, creates a platform that encourages one to dare to think deeper, wider and differently about certain aspects of current Sino-African relations. This paper gives insights into a deeper understanding of a number of things as the rising power called China is busy carrying out actions which do not only consolidate her position in the continent, but have also enabled her to outshine many of her predecessors on the continent.
    Africa, China, Development, Postmodernism, Poverty, Soft Power