Hussein Meihami, Text-to-Speech Software: A New Perspective in Learning and Teaching Word Stress, Word Intonation, Pitch Contour, and Fluency of English Reading, ILSHS Volume 8, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 8)
    When mentioning technology in the language classroom, the first impulse is to think computer technology, almost because computers have so pervade our daily home, workplace, and society contexts. The aim of this experimental research is to investigate the effect of using Text-To-Speech Software (TTS), one of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) resources in teaching reading, in different aspects of reading fluency. In this study, we investigated teaching and learning of Word Stress, Word intonation, Pitch Contour, and Fluency of English reading through TTS. It should be stated that comprehension had been worked in the program but wasn’t investigated in the study. The study indicated that word stress; word intonation, pitch contour, and fluency had significantly improved by using TTS software.
    Computer Assisted Language Learning, Reading Fluency, Speech to Talk Software, Teaching Reading, Text-to-Speech