Hussein Meihami, Bahram Meihami, Correct I or I Don’t Correct myself: Corrective Feedback on EFL Students Writing, ILSHS Volume 7, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 7)
    The hot debate is in progress between giving corrective feedback (CF) to students to promote their writing ability and accuracy or not giving CF. This kind of dilemma that might be caused by the controversial researches that published over the last 20 years baffled teachers about giving or not giving the CF. After Truscott, J. (1996) gave a case against grammar correction in L2 writing classes and Ferris, D.R. (1999) gave a case for grammar correction the question got tougher. The essence of this experimental investigation is to explain giving written CF to the EFL students writing. For the purpose of this study, 160 EFL students of Azad University participated in an extracurricular course; there were three experimental groups and a control group. After the results were manifested, it was cleared that giving corrective feedback should be considered as a productive way in improving EFL students writing.
    CF in Writing, Corrective Feedback, Corrective Feedback to EFL, L2 Writing Class