Andrzej Borowski, Galleys as a Total Institution, ILSHS Volume 6, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 6)
    Galleys as the closed/total institution/, is regarding the whereabouts of the certain number of people isolated for a long stretch from the rest of society, remaining in the similar situation, of which the behaviour is under almost the total control of the staff of this institution. In the period of the antiquity slaves were the basic driving force of galleys but their fate resulted from the social status. In the period of the Middle Ages, galley slaves, called in Italian galeotti, they were free people, and their profession enjoyed the respect. Above all in France they have more and more often started with the 15th century to use galleys as the place of serving a penalty of imprisonment. This situation lasted to the mass scale till the XVIII century second-half, leaving in the social awareness stereotype of the galley slave.
    Gallery, Prison, Punishment, Ship, Total Institutions