Poonam Bala, Tanivir Kaur, Maninder Kaur, Study on Effectiveness of Lecture and Smart Class Method of Teaching on Academic Achievements among Upper Primary School Students, ILSHS Volume 76, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 76)
    This is an experimental study conducted on the upper primary school students in the district of S.B.S Nagar, Punjab. The study was conducted on the students of 6<sup>th</sup> and 7<sup>th</sup> class of an international School. Total of 100 students were enrolled for this experimental study who met the inclusion criteria and were randomly divided into 2 equal groups by simple randomization technique. They received either the lecture method teaching or the smart class method teaching. For conducting the experiment, the investigator used pre-test and post-test comparison group design. For collection of data, a structured questionnaire and a structured teaching programme was used. t-test was used for analysis and interpretation of the data. The results of the study revealed that the lecture method of teaching was more effective as compared to a smart class method of teaching.
    Academic Achievements, Lecture Method Teaching, Smart Class Method Teaching, Upper Primary School Students