Debiprasad Mukherjee, Attributed Metagraph Modelling to Design Business Process Security Management, ILSHS Volume 6, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 6)
    Cross organizational process flow is having increasing importance as organizational focus is ooffshoring & outsourcing to develop complex business processes. Utilizing the development otelecommunications frameworks, IT systems are fundamental to collaborating and distributinbusiness processes for both internal as well as external business units. But, this increased dependenexists in an ecosystem of increasing threats to information security along with market sensitivity anregulatory power. Based on recent process flow studies, we explore application of attributmetagraph representation to evaluate process security. Utilizing examples of both risk-analysis andimpact-mitigation, we reveal the effectiveness of attributed metagraph for business process analysMetagraph-based model helps in analysis of as-is processes as well as offers normative direction fprocess remodelling.
    Business Processes, Information Security, Metagraph, Telecommunications