Andrzej Borowski, Non-Specific and Peculiar Psychological Mechanisms in Criminological Process of Perpetrators of Manslaughters, ILSHS Volume 5, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 5)
    Examining psychological mechanisms which lay at the heart of manslaughters aren't a new subject in Polish psychology and penitentiary sociology. In case of the public correction he seems positive to be influence relatively of short stay in penitentiary individuals. In case of the psychologicacorrection long-term therapy is giving greater effects. Undervalued through penitentiary administration of the factor criminological process there is an influence of media, and by force methods of proceedings are marked most popular /with innovative/ middle of achieving desired objectives socially.
    Criminological Process, Media, Murderer, Non-Specific Mechanisms, Peculiar Mechanisms