Goran Rajović, Jelisavka Bulatović, Structural Changes in Livestock Production: The Case Northeastern Montenegro, ILSHS Volume 3, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 3)
    The production structure of agriculture northeastern Montenegro, livestock production has a very important role, because without a stable and developed livestock production has neither developed agriculture. Therefore, in this paper, shows the change in the number of livestock by type and category. Fluctuations in the number of cattle in the period 1964-2005, primarily the result of economic factors, such as reduced local and regional markets, low purchasing power, transition, privatization, lack of long-term development strategy for livestock, technological and technical unwillingness processing facilities, primary production disorganization, poor farmers and processors association, insufficient and slow recovery racial composition of cattle. Applying the method of alternating splitter Systems 6/6 in 1964, we have found in northeastern Montenegro, type with a dominant share of sheep and cattle share (O<sub>5</sub>G<sub>1</sub>), who in 2005 was gradually transformed into a type with equal participation of sheep and cattle (O<sub>3</sub>G<sub>3</sub>). Judging by the number and categories of livestock by type, production volume, as well as other indicators, livestock production in the region, mainly serves to meet the needs of the household. A smaller part of are intended market. To mention the problems were solved in an appropriate manner, it is necessary to adopt appropriate strategies in livestock development with the proposed measures, that has to be long term, because only in this way can stop the decline in the number of cattle to provide the increase livestock production and improve the quality of livestock products.
    Incentives, Livestock Breeding, Northeastern Montenegro, Production