Andrzej Borowski, Strategic Interactions in Goffman’s Captivation, Volume 3, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 3)
    E. Goffman character analyzes into mutual conditionality of concept of physical and social borders abilities of persons for acquisition, disclosure and concealment of information scare. Analysis of strategic interaction relies in Goffman’s book on explication capability expedient utilization or duping of partner. Strategic captivation of interaction is game about zero amount, where increment is loss second actor. Our safety is not natural something in structure of social world, but it dates from socially array rule behavior We lived as spies in our daily life if, social world would seem as enclosing scare, where in each moment and it is possible to meet potential cause for fear place.
    Construction of Reputation, Expressive Games, Focusing of Note, Games, Strategic Interactions