Andrzej Borowski, Ghettoisation as a New Dimension of Totalisation, Volume 2, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 2)
    Ghettoisation after the fall of the totalitarian system is having a "chance" to become one way still for the marginalisation and blocking the reconstruction process of healthy relations in the local communities. Of sources of theoretical considerations above ghettoisation it is possible to seek in deliberations E. Fromm concerning authoritarian character, inquiry M. Foucault in relation to idea initiated in seventeenth-century France of "great closing" and of E. Goffman’s sociological examinations of the total institutions concerning the specificity of functioning. Ghettoisation as the new dimension totalisation is becoming part of reality of Polish cities gradually, irrespective of it, whether closed communities /gated communities/ are coming into existence discretionary of their future participants, or in relation to any form of the compulsion putting researchers before the need to develop effective frames teoretical and methodological allowing for their optimum analysing.
    Closed Communities, Ghettoization, Great Closing, Social Exclusion, Total Institutions