Remi Chukwudi Okeke, Adeline N. Idike, Public Debt and Sustainable National Development in Nigeria: Analysis of Fundamental Issues, ILSHS Volume 74, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 74)
    This study raises some fundamental issues in the relationship between public debt and sustainable national development in Nigeria. The work is significant in highlighting the position of public debt in the subject area of public administration. The study finds a very weak linkage between public debt and sustainable national development in the Nigerian state. The theoretical framework of the investigation is the bureaucratic theory. The work finds that the bureaucracy is as guilty as the politician in the country, in the transmutation of public debt into a brand of national bazaar. It is finally recommended in the paper that taxation-increases be adopted as alternative to public debt, in ensuring that the current generation of the country’s citizens, in meeting their immediate needs do not invariably endanger the capacity of future generations in the same regards.
    Fundamental Issues, Nigeria, Public Debt, Sustainable National Development