A.L.M. Aslam, Impact of Fiscal Imbalance on Interest Rate in Sri Lanka, ILSHS Volume 73, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 73)
    Interest rate is one of the primary tools in the monetary policy which moves the countries’ economy into positive or negative path. In the meantime, the fiscal imbalance keeps a bond on the interest rate of countries. Empirically, this study tested the impact of fiscal imbalance on the interest rate in Sri Lanka using the annual time series data from the period of 1959 to 2014. In this study, the fiscal imbalance was considered as the independent variable and the interest rate was used as the independent variable. While the money supply and the inflation rates were utilized as controlled variables. To test this impact, the multiple regressions model was employed. Based on the regression outcome, the fiscal imbalance positively maintained the relationship on the interest rate at one percent level.
    Economy, Fiscal Imbalance, Inflation Rate, Interest Rate, Money Supply