Tetiana Tverdokhlib, Forms of Teaching Pedagogical Disciplines in Orthodox Religious Educational Institutions of Ukraine (The End of 19th - The Beginning of 20th Century), ILSHS Volume 71, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 71)
    The main forms of teaching pedagogical disciplines in orthodox religious educational institutions of Ukraine (the end of 19<sup>th</sup> – the beginning of the 20<sup>th</sup>century) have been characterised in the article on the basis of analyzed pedagogical literature, archival records, and documents in periodicals. The features of conducting lessons, teaching practice, examinations and organisation of making written home compositions in various types of religious educational institutions of Ukraine in the stated time period have been revealed. The essence of "rehearsals" as a form of controlling students’ learning activity in the Kyiv Theological Academy has been revealed, the basic kinds of academists’ works at practical hours on pedagogy have been given; the content and quality of teachers’ work with graduates on their researches have been characterised.
    Church Teachers’ School, Examination, Exemplary Church-Parish School, Lesson, Orthodox Religious Educational Institution, Pedagogical Discipline, Teaching Practice, Women's School of Religious Department